Understanding The Betting Structures In Poker No Limit Games


The no limit structure in Texas Hold’Em is very widely used in many important poker tournaments all over the world like the World Championship of Poker. This is the type of game which is seen on all the televised tournaments of poker. There are very few restrictions on betting in no limit games. During the game the player would have to bet the minimum big blind amount and when raising, the player would have to place double the bet amount of the previous player. Other than that the player is free to bet whatever he/she wants during the game.


No Limit Implications


Understanding The Betting Structures

The no limit games are the ones which require the strongest strategies. It is also a very exciting and entertaining game, though very intense. During each hand, the player can lose the whole stack and so a solid strategy is very important. There is a minimum bet requirement in these games though there is no upper limit. For example, in a game with $1 and $2 structure, the small blind would be $1 and the big blind would be $2. All the players would have to place a minimum bet of $2.


The Betting Structure


  • In no limit poker games, the players are free to bet whatever they want at any stage of the game. However, the bet amount should be at least equal to the big blind amount.
  • If the player wants to raise the bet made by another player, the amount of raise should be at least double the original bet. For example, if a player has placed a bet of $4 and if you want to raise, then you would have to place a total bet of at least $8.
  • There is no restriction on the maximum amount of bet in no limit games. You can bet your entire stack on one bet at any time in the game. For example, if you have a stack of $300 you can go all in and bet $300 on one bet.


When playing no limit games such as those that can be found in the World Series of Poker, there might be restricted buy-ins. What this means is that you would only be able to buy-in a predetermined amount in the game. This rule has also been adopted now at several land based casinos like the Palms Casino and the Bicycle Casino in Las Vegas. At the Palms the buy-in limits have been determined at $100 to $500 while at the Bicycle Casino it is restricted to $100 for their $2-$3 games and higher for the higher limit games.

However, in games with higher stakes there would not be any restrictions on buy-ins. Generally, in the high stakes games there are no restrictions at all on the minimum or maximum buy-in amounts. These rules for restricted buy-ins have in fact made the games livelier and more interesting than they used to be. Today, even though the limit games of Texas Hold’em are very popular, the no limit games are gaining popularity fast since the structure is widely adopted in tournaments.