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The Best Frittata Recipe


Enjoy a frittata today! A lot of you may look at this recipe and say “I cant eat that many eggs”. Well youre not supposed to, you fat bast–err, you crazy nut! This is a dish meant for sharing with … Continue reading

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How to Make a Banh Mi Sandwich

Banh Mi Thumbnail

The Sandwich of the East. So good, they should rename it Banhwich as a tribute! The key to this delicious sandwich is the fresh bread, fresh herbs and fresh chilies. Notice a trend there? FRESHNESS! Stuff with fresh vegetables and … Continue reading

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The Best Quesadilla Recipe


The beauty of quesadillas is that there are no rules for what goes in one! (Except for cheese – you skip the cheese and you’re dead to me. That’s the Queso in the Quesadilla for the love of God!) That’s what makes it a great dish for kids and generally anyone who hates rules. Different kinds of meat, no meat, fresh vegetables, cooked vegetables, of any variety…and even fruit in Continue reading

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How To Make Couscous


Many people are turned off by couscous because they think its difficult to make or they have eaten a bland version of it somewhere and can’t shake the traumatic memory. Follow this recipe and you’ll see that couscous is simple and delicious…especially with a hearty tagine or stew! Continue reading

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