French Roulette


The New Popularity of an Old Game


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How To Play French Roulette


French Roulette is one of the most popular games in online casinos available to players in free mode. In order to better understand the rules and characteristics of French roulette, casino visitors can not only play without registration, but also to participate in the free online roulette tournaments and win real cash prizes.

French Roulette

French Roulette, also known as European Roulette or Roulette with one zero — a classic form of roulette in the casino. In an onlinecasino are different rates for the game of roulette, and even a free demo tape portal has a wide range of rates — Bronze, Silver and Gold. The total bet in roulette online in a range of Bronze varies from 1 to 300 FUN. The total rate in the French roulette in the range of Silver and Gold — 5-1500 FUN and 10-3000 FUN respectively.

At the beginning of a gaming session online casino player is charged to the account of FUN 10,000 free units. Once the visitor selects a casino in the lobby free portal free table for a game, he / she selects a range of rates at online roulette.

The purpose of the French online roulette — to predict what number the ball will land, after making a bet on the winning number on the alleged roulette table. European roulette table in the casino consists of a rotating wheel and the playing field. Online roulette wheel includes cells numbered from 1 to 36 and the zero cell — zero (0). Half of the 36 cells is black, the other half — the red. Zero — green. On the playing field numbers 1 through 36 are arranged in three columns. Color of the numbers on the field corresponds to their color on the wheel. The left and right sides of the playing field roulette in online casinos are fields for money bets: red / black, odd / even, low / high. At the top of the column is Zero (0).

At the bottom of the columns are placed on the column of the field, the left and right are arranged overlapping in a dozen fields. In online casino Casino French Roulette is a multiplayer, which can play up to four people at a time. After a player has taken a seat at the table, he makes a bet. When the ball stopped on the room in the box at the top of the screen enlarged fragment wheels winning number. The winning number is recorded in history — vertical window located in the upper right corner of the screen free roulette. For more information about the French (classical) Roulette you can find out in the Rules of roulette at online casinos.