Free Bets, a Fun and Informative Test Drive


If you enjoy gambling, then you would be wise to check out some of the awesome online free bets offers available. You will find offers like this usually surrounding sports betting, and you will probably not be able to find one company that offers more than one free bet at a time.

Most of the time you will find that these free bets are one time offers, or limited time offers, for many different reasons.
There are some websites that operate as kind of a posting ground, or a bulletin board. These websites list all of the most current free offers on the market today. They will provide you with an updated list of all of the new free bet offers that the online bookmakers are offering.

Sometimes the proprietors of these websites will also provide you with reviews of the most current offers, so that you can be sure that a free bets offer presented is worth your time.

Sometimes it helps to participate in free bets for many reasons. You can learn whether a bookmaker really provides good information, or whether a company will provide you with good odds on a regular basis. When you search the web for free bets, you will find that there are free bets on all of the main sports that are popular today. These sports can include, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and so much more.

One good thing about the Internet is that it offers numerous free betting opportunities. You won’t find these opportunities with offline betting. These offers are growing in popularity online, because bookmakers know that they can cast a wider net with the worldwide web.

They also know that good, fair free offers will appeal to so many different types of gamblers, and that once a gambler finds a bookmaker she can trust, she will likely come to that bookmaker, many times over.

Free Bets


How to Read NFL Betting Odds


Living in Las Vegas and enjoying sports betting, I live in a paradise. I also have a familiarity with how odds are offered to the gambler. The odds are not complicated, but many people, when they first see them on the odds board of a casino, can be confused. People visit from all over the country and will want to make a wager on a game, but are unsure of how to wager and how the payoffs are calculated by looking at how the odds are listed.

Football odds are actually straight forward and easy to understand, but it is easier to understand if you first understand how a casino is making money off of football wagers. Any time you bet on a football game you will be betting eleven dollars to get back ten. You may bet more or even less, but you will be betting 110% to win 100%. This is how the casino or any bookmaker makes profit. If I bet $11 and you bet $11, the casino has $22. If I win my bet, I will receive my $11 back, plus $10 in winnings. The one dollar that is left, the casino keeps and that is their gross profit from the wager.

The problem for the casino, is that the outcome of a football game is not like the outcome of the roll of the dice in a craps game, or the spin of the roulette wheel. The odds of one team beating the other is seldom ever even, one team will have an advantage over the other. To solve this problem, the casino will offer point spreads to the betters. By offering a point spread the sports book can attract an equal amount of money on both teams and guarantee themselves a profit.

If one team is better than another and figures to win by a touchdown and an extra point, the point spread will be seven points. They will be posted as +7 or -7 depending upon which team is referenced. The favorite to win the game will be -7. This means the team must win by more than seven points for the better to win the wager. The underdog will be listed at +7. This means that the team can lose by no more than seven points to win the bet.

In actual practice a casino will usually offer odds with a half point attached to it. For example, +7 1/2 or -7 1/2. If a game were listed as seven points and the game ended in a seven-point difference all bets would be refunded, and the casino hates doing that.