Fixed Odds Betting In Sports Gambling


Fixed-odds betting in sports gambling can be defined as a kind of placing bets against odds provided by a bookie, an individual, or on a bet exchange.

Fixed Odds Betting

It is usual with fixed odds gambling in sports gambling online to be aware about the odds being offered at the time of the placing bets, while it also consists of those bets whose price is found only when the event gets started and is known as the starting prices.

In fixed odds betting in online sports gambling it is all right for ideal for a bookie to price up a book in a way that the net outcome will always remain in his favor. In other words, the addition of all the probabilities for all possible outcomes would be greater than hundred percent. The excess over hundred percent means the profit to the bookmaker in the event of a balanced book. In case there an imbalanced book, the bookie might have to pay out more winnings as compared to what is staked, or he might happen to make more money than mathematically expected. An imbalanced book in sports gambling fixed odds betting might arise because of the fact by no way a bookmaker can know the true probabilities for the result of a competitive event or to anticipate the wagers that can be attracted from others by fixed odds set on the basis of his own experience and knowledge.

With the advent of Internet and online sports betting along with the bet exchange betting, the possibility of fixed odds betting in sports gambling arbitrage, actions and Dutch books against the bookies and sports betting exchanges have grown very rapidly. The act of betting exchanges and especially in act such as a stock exchange, allowing the odds to be set in the course of trading between individual bettors, generally result in quoted odds which are very much close to the true odds.