Biggest Roulette Win Ever


The biggest roulette win ever was achieved by Charles Deville in Monte Carlo. The story of this extraordinary feat is matched only by Mr. Deville’s colorful personality.


The Con Man


Born in 1841, Charles Deville had always dreamed of being rich and famous. As an adult, he became a confidence artist who posed as a great inventor. He must have been truly convincing because he conned investors out of 4 thousand pounds to journey to Monte Carlo – where he had the biggest roulette win in history. You can also big by playing online roulette at So join today.


The Big Night


On that fateful day, or rather, night, Mr. Deville earned his place in history when he became the first player to ever “break the bank,” meaning that he won more chips than were present at the table. Although breaking the bank today would be an even bigger feat – presently “breaking the bank” means winning more than the entire casino has – that should not detract from Charles Deville’s claim to the biggest roulette win ever.


Charles Deville Broke (and Re-Broke) the Bank


In part, he deserves the title because of the duration of his play and his amazing success. Over an 11-hour period, without rest, Mr. Deville broke the bank 12 times! In that single night, Charles Deville won over 1 million francs – an astounding sum for the time.
In subsequent years, Charles Deville returned to Monte Carlo and continued to win big. His luck eventually failed him, and he was ultimately convicted of fraud and imprisoned. Nonetheless, his name goes down in history as the man who had the biggest roulette win ever. Find out more about roulette at online casino jackpot city review, play slots, win money and be rich.


American Roulette


American Roulette at Online Casino are a few classic types of roulette including American roulette. Visitors to better understand the rules and the U.S. opposed the French (European) roulette on the demo site. You can apply different strategies roulette play on different ranges of rates, as well as participate free tournaments with real money prizes.

It is believed that the tape was first introduced in France, in a modified form has spread to Europe and then crossed the ocean to America, where it added an extra room — 00 (Double Zero) and was named the American roulette. The game of American roulette is colorful chips — a color for each player. This greatly simplifies the process of specifying rates on the field and payouts.

Biggest Roulette Win Ever

The casino online casino offers different modes of play online roulette, betting ranges — bronze (total rate of 1-300 FUN), Silver (5-1500 FUN) and Gold (10-3000 FUN). At the beginning of the game session in roulette casino charges a player 10000 FUN money. The free demo site visitor selects a casino in the main hall lobby American roulette, and then click on the preferred range of rates.

The main principle of playing American Roulette online is the same as in other types of roulette — guess which of the ball will land.

American Roulette Table consists of a game board and wheels. Unlike the French roulette is that the wheel has not one, but two sectors Zero. That is, a roulette wheel, as well as the playing field is composed of 36 cells, numbered 1-36 and 2 Zero (0 — Zero usual, and 00 — double zero). Half of the 36 cells is black, the other half — the red. Cells 0 and 00 green. After a player has taken a seat at the table in American roulette, he bets. The ball stopped on the room in the window at the top of the screen enlarged fragment wheels winning number.

The winning number is recorded in history — vertical window located in the upper right corner of the free online roulette.

In order to reduce the house edge in American roulette entered prison. In case the online casino player has bet on an equal chance, that rates with payments of 1 to 1 — Red / Black, Even / Odd, low / high), and thus the zero dropped, the visitor does not lose this bet. The bet is placed in jail. After that, the player in American roulette there are two possibilities. The first option — to take back half of the rate, but the other half goes to the casino online. The second option — to try to win back a bet at the roulette table entirely. To do this, leave the rate in prison and click «Play». At the same time as a player in free can still make a bid. If at this time in American roulette falls right chance, the rate of return from prison online casino player. If you roll a Zero chance or the opposite, the rate of prison goes to the casino.