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Horse racing is an exciting sport to watch. Betting in a horse race doubles the excitement because you have stakes in the race. The good thing about horse betting is that you can choose to bet on various horse racing results thus increasing your chances of winning. Although types of horse betting may differ according to countries, the principles are similar. The Straight Bet is one of the most common forms of horse betting in most countries especially in North America. In the Straight Bet, one can choose to bet on a Win or a Place. When you bet on a Win, you are basically betting that a certain horse will come at first place.

When you are betting a Place, you can select horses to come in at the second, third or fourth place. If you have a strong feeling on how the horse racing results will play out, you choose to bet on the Daily Double which allows you to pick the winning horse for two races in a row. To maximize your bet, you could also bet the first two horses to reach the finishing line. You need not specify the order in which the horses come in and therefore allow you to reap a fortune as long as one of the horses comes in first or second. Betting Site Review


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Bet in Horse Raising

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